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<INJECT>cat $HOME/template/header.html | sed "s/__PAGE TITLE__/Rusty's website/"</INJECT>
Folders: <INJECT>cd $CURRENT && ls */ -d | sed 's/\///' | python3 $HOME/bscripts/</INJECT>
Files: <INJECT>cd $CURRENT && ls *.html | python3 $HOME/bscripts/</INJECT>
Hello and welcome to my personal website
<i>(if you are looking for the old index it is now <a href = "old_index.html">here</a>)</i>
<hr />
While you are here, feel free to navigate the site using the
<code>Folders</code> and <code>Files</code> listings above
Sometimes pages will link directly to other pages
(like <a href = "old_index.html">old_index</a>
which links to <a href = "another_age.html">another_page</a>,
or like how this page links to other pages as part of pointing stuff out)
<INJECT>cat $HOME/template/footer.html</INJECT>