cat $HOME/template/header.html | sed "s/__PAGE TITLE__/Rusty's website/"

Oh good, the last page got really crowded, ok, back to the nonsense!

Links are stupid

"hErE's WhY"

So, if you want a hyper link in your site, you need to use the <a> tag, but you have a <link> tag, which links to another file(to import it, which indeed is useful), but like, it could have a more "correct" name, and if you want to get a hyper link you need to use the <a> tag.
And, I'm not saying you need to remove/replace the link, but like, instead of <a> do something like <hyper> or <hyperlink> or even <hlink> (the last one might be confusing since it looks a lot like link, but it is still better than fucking <a>)

Boy this page looks blend only with text, and KDE keeps crashing on my laptop(used the )...
(in case you were wondering this div is "width:60%; margin:auto" with some color values)

Any cool stuff I can try to make? Maybe an animated image which flies in when you scroll down enough?
Sounds kinda stupid, and I hate it when websites makes scrolling "digital"(by digital I mean it has discrete states, which I know everything in computers are in discrete states since you cannot have the infinity in a computer because reasons, but like, you get the point, its like having a couple of stupid sites stitched on top of each other, which just sucks)
I will try it tho

Please enjoy Molly's picture as I figure how to get the scroll data...

Anyway, some questions arise while im doing this, like

Should websites be interactive at all?

Of course they should, it's more fun that way!

But just how much interactivity should we have...

Forms and Such? Must(for needed websites)
Animations? Sure, it's fun, but dont push it.
Games? If you embed a game in your browser that is actually cool, tho you prob shouldn't do it with javascript, or at least javascript shouldn't support it, if we had solutions like the old ass flash player.

"bUt FlAsH pLaYeR SuX(tm)"

I said like... And something is approaching, called wasm, or web assmbly.
But that brings another question to mind

How far should we push our browsers?

Because Like, with html(and css) only, you are getting something that is ONLY drawing instrctions(and animations?), but it is all visuals(or should be), instructions on how to paint,
so if i decide to make a css-less browser(like metamuffin did), then everything should still work(but look like shit), which is awesome.
If i dont "trust" CSS i can just disable it.
But with JavaScript, it is a fully blown scripting language(a shitty one but still), people made countless things with js, from fully featured web games, to a bloody server backend(why?).
Also JavaScript is a script running locally, so if the browser did a bad job sandboxing it from the system, some bad things may happen

cat $HOME/template/footer.html