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CPQ compiles a cpl source file (.ou) into a quad ir file (.qud) using sly as the lexer and parser.


python source_file.ou


The compiler is seperated into multiple files:

  • contains a helper function (print_err)
  • contains data structs for the parser
  • lexer class
  • parser class
  • main program and cmd handling logic

Implementation details

First i wanted to use rust/c, but it seems sly is very easy to work with and is a lot less cryptic than flex/bison.

the lexer class contains the token's regular expressions and the token types

the parser class contains functions for each possible reduction, and using each variable once (with next_temp function) and contains the ouput code in the list lines, which in turn is to be used by the caller (of the parsing routine) as it wished (currently, by to write to a text file if no errors occured)